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About Me


Congrats on stumbling upon my blog.

I am The Beauty Pro.

How did I get my ‘Pro’ status, you may ask yourself.

Well, it’s not something that can be achieved overnight.

After perfecting the complex science of Beauty Therapy in 2006, I have since worked extensively throughout Melbourne and internationally, furthering my skills, experience and expertise in the beauty industry. My specialist areas have included facial cosmetics both application and retail, Dermatology and follicular depilation.

Not one to shy away from higher education, I went on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Media & Communications. Opportunities that have arisen from such experience and knowledge have allowed me to showcase my potential as The Beauty Pro to others within both the Beauty and Media industries.

Furthermore, these opportunities in combination with my now warranted ‘Pro’ status have led me to obtain a position as a PR Coordinator for an Australian Cosmetics company.

Therefore, I am The Beauty Pro.

Obsessed with all things that make women look and feel beautiful, The Beauty Pro is here to share her best tips and tricks with you to have you looking and feeling confident and amazing.

You too can have others thinking you are a beauty pro!

Well, maybe…

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