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Summer Love

September 19, 2012

To cut a really long story short (is that even possible for me?), I have recently traded my full coverage foundation for… da da da daaaaaaaaa….. a tinted moisturiser! Oh! Gasp! Wtf?

You may be confused, as tinted moisturisers are usually a common fixture in most girl’s makeup bags, but not this girl.

For many years now, I have been a tinted moisturiser avoider, as I did not believe it provided any coverage and was a small step up from wearing nothing at all.

But after trying L’Oreal’s UV Perfect, I have found it is light, fresh and hydrating,  whilst evening out my skin tone and protecting me from harmful rays. Perfect for a trip to the shops, or a coffee date in the sun!

I am now on the T.M bandwagon, and I must say, it’s quite liberating.


Get On It! (continued again)

May 8, 2011


Batiste Dry Shampoo

My Boss: “Wow Amanda, your hair looks amazing! Have you done something different?”

Me: “Oh really? No, I actually haven’t washed it in a week! I’ve just been using this new Dry Shampoo I bought. It’s great.”

My Boss: “Dry Shampoo? What is this? I haven’t tried it.”

Me: “Oh you must. It’s great. You can go ages without washing your hair ‘coz it just absorbs all the oils in your hair and keeps it looking fresh day after day. Even though it’s not. And it’s tropical scented so your hair smells yummy! And like, you can do so much with dirty hair when it doesn’t look dirty, you know? Like, sexy bed hair, every day! ”

My Boss: (Facial expression as if to say : “Gross, Amanda. TMI. I like clean-haired employees. Get out of my office you feral.”)

Available from Priceline for around $9.95 (for a big can)



Revlon Nutri Colour Creme (aka- Colour Ball)

A few months ago, I decided to go red. My hairdresser, on the other hand, had another idea. I walked out with Magenta hair and wanting to die. It was slightly full on. I thought ‘vibrant red’ meant ‘fire engine red’. Not pink….

I spent the next 24 hours pondering how I was going to pull off Magenta hair. The shop assistants in White Suede tried to convince me that there were ‘soooo many colours that would go great’ with my new hair, but I knew they were just trying to make a sale. Not falling for that one, girls.

Now, I’m not usually one to buy expensive salon products (as you may have already figured out). But the hairdresser did tell me to buy this Revlon Colour Ball, as it would keep my red fresh (as red fades badly) and it also acts as a treatment (which my hair was in dire need of). She said all I needed to do was apply two or three pumps of the Colour Ball to towel dried, shampooed hair, comb through and leave for 3 minutes, once a week. Oh, and wear gloves. This stuff stains. Wish she’d told me to cover the basin with newspaper before I turned the sink red. Oops.

I’ve always been a fan of toners, ever since my blonde days, as I know that they can improve and refresh colour. But I never dreamed this stuff would actually change the colour of my hair! Well done, Colour Ball. You have transformed my random pink hair into locks of fire-engine red!

I’m thinking these Balls may be my new favourite toners. Blondes and Brunettes, get on it!

Available from good hair salons.

Get On It! (continued)

May 8, 2011


Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips 

       THE. BEST. That is all.

Ok, this is why it is the best. As a Shellac user, I now demand certain things from all nail polishes. Bold colours, high shine and most importantly, NO chip. And while Shellac does deliver all of these things plus a whole lot more, the application and removal can be a bit time consuming.

Enter: Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips.

Application time: 5 mins. Simply peel the sticky nail colour off the backing and place on nail bed. File off excess. Done. No dry time, no base or top coat. Easy.

Removal: Not sure, as I’ve had it on for over a week and haven’t had to take it off yet.

No chip, and all the glitz and glam that I love in a nail polish. They are much easier to get your hands on than Minx nail strips- which came out a while ago but only seem to be available at salon supply shops, and last 10 times longer than the nail strips available at Sportsgirl, which were thick and felt like I had stuck sticky-tape on my nails.

     Plain colours available, but I’ve opted for a gold glitter. Amazing.

Available from Priceline for $14.95



Sephora by OPI Nail Polish – Only Gold For Me

Apologies for people who don’t like glitter nail polish, but I am obsessed.

My sister bought this nail polish back from the States last year and as soon as I saw it, I claimed it as my own. I’m sure if she really wanted to use it now she could probably scrape some out of the bottom of the bottle…. Sorry, Laura.

Before I found my Sally Hansen Nail Strips, this polish was my life. I wanted a full on glitter effect, and most glitter nail polishes only leave you with a subtle glitter hit. As a woman on a mission, I painted one coat of this polish on each day for one week until I was left with a golden glitter explosion! Sure, my nails were heavy with polish and possibly a little sticky, but I had the glam nails I wanted. Everyone, get glittery. It’s fun!

Available from Sephora in America. Sorry. They don’t ship.

Get On It!

May 8, 2011

Sometimes I am super late onto beauty fads. Sometimes I am early. Either way, once I decide I like something, I get a sudden urge to tell everybody I have ever met. And what better way to get my message across to my fellow beautyholics than the interweb. I am the Beauty Pro, and if you haven’t tried any of the below products, then you should go out and buy them! Some of them may have been on the shelves for a while, but now you’ve been told- I have tried them and I am in love. So get on it!


Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara

I’m going to put it out there- I have tried every single mascara ever invented, ever. And that’s a lot of mascaras. Some I have liked. Some I have hated. Some I have loved. This one I love. I am usually a fan of gel mascaras, because I know that if I cry, which is all the time, I won’t have black tears running down my face and end up with panda-eyes, as gel mascaras don’t smudge or run. This mascara is not a gel. And I don’t care.

I’m going to tell you a story. Shut up. I’m going to tell you a short story.

I had eyelash extensions on for a few months and as great as they looked, I just knew they were damaging my eyelashes. I had them taken off and as I suspected, was left with short, holey lashes that made me sad and other people think I had weird eyes. Day after day, I attempted to pack on the mascara, hoping no one would notice my lash misfortune, but I still looked like I had been in a horrible accident involving explosives and scissors. I saw an ad for this Maybelline mascara and liked the sound of ‘Falsies’ lashes! That was just what I needed. After the first use I was hooked. Big, fat, thick, dark lashes! All the confirmation I needed came when a girl at work said “Gorg! Do you have fake eyelashes on?” Happy day!

Available from Priceline and pharmacies for around $19.95


Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm

Ok, I admit. I bought this product because it had a Twilight reference. But I have been pleasantly surprised with this vampire inspired lipstain. Applying it is a bit weird, as the applicator is like a pen/ permanent marker. But once you have coloured your lips in, like a kindergarten makeup artist, it leaves you with a subtle tint that looks really pretty and lasts for hours. It comes with a lipbalm on the other end so you can have glossy, coloured lips too. I’m not a huge fan of lipsticks, as they can look a bit heavy on my ‘delicate frame’, and lipglosses seem to wear off after 10 minutes, so this lipstain is a great, long-lasting alternative, with an intense colour pop!

Fave colour: Passion. A true pink that would suit most skin tones.

Available from Priceline and pharmacies for around $17.95

About Time!

February 25, 2011

After months of searching, scouring, stressing, questioning, querying, Googling and general bad-mouthing of the Maybelline Corporation, I have finally got my hands on the highly anticipated, thought to be non-existent (by me) Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm.

The searching and scouring began as got word of these new limited-edition lip balms by Maybelline. Bright colours, four flavours, super cute. I knew I had to acquire one of these little handbag additions. I spent every spare minute of my day checking each and every Priceline, chemist and cosmetic retailer for these newly launched gems of lip balm delight. Success?


No Baby Lips to be seen.

Well I must be so ahead of the trend that this product has not even been released yet!


Magazines were telling me they were ‘In Store NOW!’

Then came the stress, questioning and querying of how I was meant to find a Baby Lips Lip Balm when no stores seemed to be selling them? Were they sold out? Were the shop assistants hiding them from me? Did they fear they might have another ‘Giant Lip Smacker situation’ on their hands, where I may or may not have travelled around to Priceline’s all over Melbourne, buying every Giant Lip Smacker they had in stock?

Where were these new Maybelline lip balms and why couldn’t I find them anywhere?

After the annoyance of Google telling me they certainly WERE on sale in Australia came the all-out bring-down of the Maybelline conglomerate for purposefully deceiving me. I pondered if one could take legal action against a company of this size on the grounds of false advertising and misleading marketing tactics.

These lip balms were clearly NOT on sale yet.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be a ‘Me’ story without an ending like this…

And then I found them.

Walked into Priceline one day and found them carefully hung on the Maybelline stand.

And what did I do?

I bought them all!

I wasn’t going to let them hide them from me again.

So now my lips get to enjoy the anti-oxidant effect in Berry, the energizing brilliance of Orange, the smoothing softness of Cherry and the healing benefits of Menthol.

Tiny, bright yet elusive, Baby Lips treated me mean to keep me keen. And it worked.

Tried and Tested

January 13, 2011

Obsession of the month?

CND Shellac Nail Polish!

What’s their tag line, again?

‘Goes on like a polish, wears like a gel’.

Something like that.

Whatever it is, I’m in love.

This no chip, no streak, high shine, mirror finish, quick dry, 14 day lasting miracle goo is saving me hours per week on my nails. Whilst I do find a nice Friday night mani/pedi in front of the TV fairly therapeutic, it’s fantastic having so much free time on my hands to… watch television… and… eat food…

Moving on, we all know I am the nail polish queen (do I need to tell you about my  massive collection again?), but this stuff takes the chocolate sprinkled cake on every ‘long wearing, long-lasting, high shine, no chip’ colour I’ve ever tried before.

The impossibly easy steps of:

-apply base coat

-cure under UV lamp for 10 seconds

-apply colour coat

-cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes

-apply second colour coat  -cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes

-apply top coat

-cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes

make this revolutionary home manicure system simple enough for even my mother to perfect on her own (although I suspect she’ll still be asking me to do it for her).

Sold out in every beauty supply shop, Shellac is taking the world by storm. Anyone who’s anyone (in the beauty industry anyway) is trying to get their hands on a bit of Shellac. I had to buy my goods on Ebay and have them shipped from the US and Asia.

While your local salon may offer reasonable rates on a Shellac manicure (around $50), I say for those feeling confident about their home nail painting skills and looking to save a buck, invest in your own gel system and  become the most popular kid on your street. Not only will you have immaculate looking nails, 24/7, you’ll have your own little nail salon set up in your living room. Why not charge people to come over and use it? Ok, I’m getting off track.

Anybody who has a job where they use their hands, or are just prone to hitting/breaking/chipping their nails, then Shellac is the way of the future. You don’t have to have Gels or Acrylics anymore to have flawless, salon-finish colour and shine.

Shellac Attack! … Too far?

To Extension, or not to Extension…

January 13, 2011

Long Hair, Long Eyelashes, Long Nails… If you’re like me, you want it all. And you want it now.

The bigger, the better. But at what cost?

In a world where nobody is perfect (but for $400 you can come pretty close), women have always strived to achieve classic beauty.

Society and Mattel have told us that long, luscious, shiny, healthy hair is beautiful. Dead, dry, ratty, kinky, thin, average, shoulder length hair, sloppily slicked back in a pony-tail is not.

Cosmetics companies bombard us with new mascaras that claim to lengthen, darken, thicken, curl, grow, define, discover, plump, renew, boost, volumise and vibrate our lashes. Because the ones we were born with are not good enough anymore.

And as the owner of a nail polish box so big, it could manicure an army of drag queens, I have probably spent more nights on the couch with it than with my boyfriend. It’s been a decade long love affair.

Yet we hear the same story: short, bitten, dirty, flakey, uneven, chipped, boyish nails suit very few. We want O.P.I nails. Long, but not too long. Healthy, shiny and smooth, with a beautiful on-trend colour or a naturally flawless nude, only seen truly perfected on a photoshopped wall poster mounted in a suburban nail salon.

But back to hair extensions. A fad I have struggled with for many years now. To extension, or not to extension.

As a child, I had long luscious hair. Rarely cutting more than an inch off per year, it grew into a full mane of multi-coloured locks. Oh yes, while I shunned the hairdresser’s scissors, I embraced the vast array of rebellious and permanent hair dyes ava

ilable from Priceline; much to my parent’s disappointment. Barbie Pinks, Groovy Grapes and Fiery Reds were my shades of choice until I turned 16 and decided that White was going to be ‘my new thing’. My parents turned a blind eye as I began wrapping my head in GladWrap, hair soaked in a blue coloured bleach/peroxide mix (also known as poison), and cooking my roots to an inch of their life. By the time I was 18 (which also happened to be Paris Hilton’s hey-day, I might add) I was sporting a white blonde, blue-toned, dead mop of chemically crucified semi- hair. The ends were gone. Snapped off. They weren’t split. They were non-existent.

The only option left to fulfill my life long quest for perfection was to investigate hair extensions. Weaves. Wefts. Hairpieces. Wigs. Clip ins. Call them what you may. I don’t care where the hair came from. Just as long as I can pass it off as my own.

To cut a very long story slightly shorter, I have since spent the last 6 years trying them all. After my bleaching escapades as a teen I now no longer can grow hair longer than my shoulders, so hair extensions have become my best friend, and my worst enemy.

I give them names, brush them at night, wash them with my expensive shampoo and give them weekly leave in treatments (it’s all about the protein). I have spent more money having them glued, taped and woven into my scalp than I care to mention, and the trauma of having them taken out has caused me serious emotional damage, I think I will need ‘hair counselling’ for the rest of my life. When they are in and looking amazing, you are invincible. When they are out and you are faced with the devastating fact that you have hardly any hair left, the stress of a ‘bad hair day’ doesn’t really cover it.

Answer? Simple. Have them glued in all time. Well, unfortunately for me, the years of mistreating my locks has left me with fine, brittle, easily broken hair, which is likely to matt (dreadlock style) if anything is tangled up in it for too long. I spend two months in sheer elation as I get to rock around town with my taped/glued/woven in hair extensions. It’s like a new outfit. People approach me on the street and stroke my tresses. “OMG I looooove your hair… is it real?” they say. “No”, I tell them, and proceed to explain how amazing this new kind of hair extension is and how my hair definitely will NOT turn into a mass dreadlock, like the last time.

But alas, it always does. I have a very large suitcase filled with hair. Ok, that sounds weird. I have a big bag full of all of my old hair extensions. Over the years my hair has gone from white blonde with glue extensions, to white blonde with clip ins, to white blonde with a half wig piece, to dark brown clip ins, light brown clip ins, golden brown pony tail pieces, red brown tape extensions, red weave extensions, to a light red half wig piece. Friends come and go, but these hair extensions stay with me for life.

They are the absolute bane of my existence. But I can’t stay mad at Barbarella, Clipsy, Tahnee or Jessie for too long.













Tantalizing Hair Extensions, Bentleigh- Best place for woven in hair extensions (ask for Andrea).

Princess Avenue, South Yara- Best place for clip in pieces (human and synthetic).

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